Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

BookMaker has a couple of different signup bonuses. The highest is 20% with minimum rollover requirements but they also offer a 10% bonus with less strict rules. You can use that bonus at more than just the sportsbook however. The Casino and Racebook events are also open for bonus wagers. You will need to make your deposit without using a credit card in order to get the bonus, and you’ll need to deposit at least $300 as well.

A total of $500 is the most you can collect as a signup bonus. With current deposit limits it appears that you would need to make a person to person money transfer to deposit enough to get the full $500. The 20% bonus requires that you roll the bonus over 5 times before you withdraw it or anything you won using it. The 10% bonus has a 3x rollover requirement. Bookmaker also offers a 10% reload bonus on any new deposits after your initial one. Again the minimum deposit is $300 to collect a reload bonus.


The first thing to know is that the Bookmaker support center is never closed. Whether you call in by phone or use the live help option you can reach them anytime. Live Help is available by clicking the button by the same name on the front page of the website. They will gladly answer whatever questions you have even if you are not a member of the sportsbook yet.

Bookmaker’s help lines are broken down into departments, and each one has a particular contact phone number associated with it. The agents who answer are experts on administrative, technical and betting issues.


Even amidst the management changes in recent years Bookmaker has remained at the top of its game. We hope that our review of their betting lines and financial systems has given you the reassurance to bet at their sportsbook with confidence.

In particular we feel that their betting limits offer some real opportunities. Higher limits on the moneyline really favor those players who want to pick their team to win without worrying about the point spread. Combine this with a competent management, good customer care and a dynamic software platform, and you have one of the premier sportsbooks on the web today.


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