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Diamond Sportsbook International or DSI, offers sportsbetting, stats, odds and lines for all sports, plus online gambling on all major sporting events. Online since 1996 they started out in Costa Rica in 1991 where they have remained. They are owned by a company called BMX Entertainment located in Cyprus.

The rules at the Sportsbook as well as Diamond Casino and Racebook conform pretty well to that which you would find at most any Vegas gambling and sports betting establishment. You can bet on more than 100 thoroughbred tracks in North America, and place online and telephone wagers on all virtually all sports.


Go to the online form and fill in your name, address and phone number. US Dollars, Columbian Pesos or Norwegian Krone, it doesn’t matter what currency you have. If it’s money then DSI will accept it. Pick the line type as either American or Decimal to set how the odds will be displayed. You’ll be betting at the sportsbook in a matter of minutes.


You will be every bit as impressed as we were with DSI’s state of the art online sports betting program. The software, which is furnished by Digital Gaming Solutions of Costa Rica provides a streamlined online gambling service and makes it quick and simple for you to wager on sports. DGS has a huge customer base. Few software companies have products in use by as many major sportsbooks. And even fewer have maintained such a consistently high level of quality with their software.


Without actually checking any betting lines, DSI will tell you that the minimum online bet is $5 and the phone wager is $50 minimum. They also say that as a general rule you could put a maximum of $5000 down if you are betting over the internet and as much as $20,000 if you call it in by phone.

When you actually get around to making a wager however you will see a link called House Limits. If you click on this link the limits come into focus a lot more clearly. Without going through all of them, just be aware that except for some unusually high side bets in NFL and NCAA football you are looking at limits of $1000 to $5000 typically. Bets for the major sports like Baseball Basketball and Hockey are at the upper end of that limit. Sports like Golf and Tennis are at the lower end.


Naturally DSI is home to major league and college sports like Pro and College Football and Basketball as well as Major League Baseball and Hockey. Off season, DSI will offer lines on Arena Football also. We have always found that the structure of the betting lines for Major league baseball are the most interesting. For starters they have a 10 cent progressive baseball line. Also there’s 1½ and 2½ run alternate lines.

Soccer seems to be the popular international sport. There are lines on teams from the US, English Leagues, UEFA Champions League and teams from about a dozen other countries. For the down under crowd there’s Aussie Rules Football, Rugby and Handball. Auto and Horse Racing, Tennis and PGA Golf are available too along with Martial Arts and Entertainment and Politics.


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